AM – Psalm 19 - Part 2 Uncovering Secrets in the Psalms

Psalm 19 - Part 2

Uncovering Secrets in the Psalms

Ps Rob continues his study of Psalm 19. Previously, we explored verses 1 to 6 and how the heavens declare the glory of God. This week he unearths secrets in verses 7 to 14. These verses describe the power of God’s Word to transform us. It converts our soul, gives wisdom, brings joy, gives direction, produces reverence, brings judgement, warns and rewards.

AM – Psalm 2 - Don't Rise Up Against God - Take Refuge In Him

In this message Ps Rob works through Psalm 2, verse by verse.

Ps Rob explains how Psalm 2 is a prophecy that accurately describes the attitude of our current rulers and society to rise up against God and Christ (vv. 2-3) in order to do their own thing - behaviour that is proving to be increasingly bizarre and insane.

Psalm 2 issues a strong warning to these people to turn back to God, and embrace and submit to Jesus (v. 12 “Kiss the Son”) before God’s wrath comes upon them.

Finally, God’s promise to those who do embrace Jesus as God is this - “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him” v.12.

If you know God then call people to embrace Christ and avoid His wrath.

If you are doing your own thing, then call on the name of Christ to be saved, avoid His wrath and become one of His blessed. For more information on how to do this download this eGuide.

PM – The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - A Beautiful Reflection On Psalm 19

In this message, Ps Rob walks us through a beautiful reflection on Psalm 19, enabling us to join our voices and hearts with all Creation in declaring the wonder and glory of our God and Creator.

Ps Rob plays two YouTube vidoes, one to begin, and one to end. For copyright reasons, we can't include these in the recording. But here are the links so that you can watch them:

Video 1 - Sounds From Space

The Sound Made By Each Planet in Our Solar System

Video 2 - Stars and Whales singing Chris Tomlin's "How Great is Our God"

Presented by Louie Giglio