AM – Psalm 23 - Part 1 Our Shepherd is Everything We Need

Psalm 23 - Part 1

Our Shepherd is Everything We Need

No situation that we face is too difficult for our God.

In this sermon Ps Rob springboards off of Psalm 23:1 to show us that all of His nature (described by all the names of God that we find throughout the Scriptures) and all that He does are encapsulated in this one overarching aspect of His character - “The Lord is our Shepherd”.

When we call upon His name, we're calling upon all of God's provision and all of His nature.

“Who He is, is [wrapped] up in His Son Jesus. Who He is and what He is, is all yours.”

Rob Clayton

Towards the end of the message, Rob reads out a very cool list of God’s names.

Two brief testimonies are appended to the end of the recording for your encouragement:

  • Credit card bill anonymously paid “Nobody knows where it came from.”

  • Opportunity to witness to man who asked “Is the resurrection real?”

PM – My Story: Andrew Ward's Testimony

Andrew shares stories from his upbringing, from the formative years in his faith, and four watershed moments that have transformed his relationship with God. He opens up frankly about the tormenting, chronic pain of arthritis and how the Lord has helped him to stay deeply in love with Jesus in spite of that pain.

Lastly, he shares some of the practical things that he does to develop greater intimacy with the Lord, to be lead by the Spirit, and to receive multiple infillings of the Holy Spirit’s power.

As you listen, may the Holy Spirit come upon you and envelop you in God’s presence. May He fill you with even more of the Lord’s power. May He cause you to grow more deeply in love with Jesus. Amen