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All Invited - Just Come Along


Kingdom Kids Overseers
Naomi and Joe Olivè
Crèche Overseer
Ps. Kaye Clayton

In Brief
Every Sunday Morning
Risk Church Building


Kingdom Kids - Little People (Ages 3+ Years)

Interactive learning - no boring lessons allowed!

At Risk Church we really love kids. And, our kids are exactly that ... kids.  They love making noise, running around boisterously and having lots of fun. We sing together as whole families in the first part of the Sunday morning service.  At 10.30am they head out to Kingdom Kids where they have morning tea, more fun, games, art and craft. Our awesome team helps them discover throughout the bible how much Jesus loves them, and His plans and purposes for their lives. 

Kids taking the Kingdom into the world around them

Out and About
At times we take the kids out into the local community to love on people.  In the local park, the elderly rest home, and other places, our kids thrive at being Jesus’ hands and feet. They pray for people and make things to show those people that Jesus loves them.

Family Service
Each term we have a special family service followed by a shared lunch. The kids are fully involved.  We love making every opportunity for them to shine in all that God has created them to be. 

Creche - Tiny People (Ages 0-3 Years)

Our crèche team looks after 1 to 3 year-olds from 10:30am onwards. The room is directly behind the auditorium with a view-in window so that you can check on your little ones. Your babies (under one) are also welcome to join in if you come and stay with them in the crèche.

Or you can use the couch space at the rear of the auditorium. 


Our colour-filled creche

So cute! Heaven on earth!

In the local park, the elderly rest home, and other places, our kids thrive at being Jesus’ hands and feet.