AM – How to Experience Our Heavenly Father's Loving Embrace

It’s very easy to get caught up in performance-based Christianity - trying to earn God’s love, or going through the motions of the Christian life. However, this is not the kind of relationship that Father God desires to have with us.

In this Father’s day message Andrew Ward shares four keys for moving from a performance-based relationship with our Heavenly Father to a love-based relationship in which we freely express our affection for Him:

  1. Be continually filled with the power of the Holy Spirit

  2. Get to know what God says in His Word Himself and about you

  3. Tell your soul to be quiet!

  4. Regularly spend time fellowshipping with the Father

He also touches on wrong father images and how to transform the Christian disciplines of prayer, fasting, Bible reading, tithing, attending services, etc from chores into expressions of our love for Him.