Core Beliefs

As a member of the Assembly of God Movement in New Zealand, we fully agree with the A/G NZ 'Statement of Fundamental Truths'. You can find these Truths on the A/G NZ National Website 'About' page.


"To be and raise a generation of people that know God, are strong and do great exploits"
Daniel 11:32b (NKJV)





Relationships / Diversity / Love / Flexibility / Life Transformation / Innovation / Outreach / Edification
People of all ages, race and background being welcomed in to grow, laugh, love and be changed by God to have great impact in our community.




Servanthood / Service / Tithing / Hospitality / Stewardship / Generosity
We strive for excellence in every act of service to honour God and people




Mentoring / Empowerment / Discipleship / Personal Vision / Development / Communication
People of one mind and heart to lead and serve with the purpose of helping others realise their God-given potential and release them into their giftings.




Integrity / Trust / Honour
We honour God and people through loving and serving others, living a life of integrity and recognising the value and giftings God places on people’s lives.




Power / Miracles / Prophetic / Signs / Wonders / Manifest Presence
We endeavour to live a lifestyle that reflects the life of Jesus Christ, resulting in the miraculous being the norm as the Holy Spirit leads us.




Bible / Gospel / Accountability
The Bible/Word of God is our treasure chest full of history, present and future insight, truth, and a guide for healthy living as a Christian.




Prayer / Zeal / Passion / Heart / Exaltation
Enthusiastic and honest expression of love for God through music, and in our lives through honouring Him in everything we do and all that we are.