You Are Worth It

In Brief

Event Coordinator: Ps. Kaye Clayton

When: Second Saturday in December

How to attend:

  • Extravagant Christmas (EC) is by registration only.
  • Registration day is advertised in the local Stokes Valley Times in November (thanks for their advertising sponsorship). 
  • Follow our dedicated EC Facebook page to receive updates. 

What is Extravagant Christmas?

Beautifully decorated hall and tables

Since 2005 EC has touched hundreds of lives.  It is a no-strings-attached, free night out. EC guests are simply expected to let themselves be extravagantly blessed for the whole evening.

The evening usually includes a roast dinner and dessert, entertainment, a children's programme, 40+ spot prizes, a gift for every person registered, and a message from Pastor Rob on the Good News of Christmas. Our church hall is richly dressed in lights and decorations to reflect the EC theme for that year. 

We also give out Bibles to those wanting one (often several boxes go). People express a feeling of being deeply honoured to receive them. One guest exclaimed, "This is the first Bible I've owned!"

We love our Stokes Valley community and want to do everything we can to bless them and connect them with their loving Heavenly Father through Jesus. 


To ensure that EC is free for guests, funding is obtained through designated donations and sponsorship from the business sector and from individuals, starting in September, through to the end of November. 

HUGE thanks to all those who give! Their generosity makes this special evening possible. Over the years of running EC we've developed strong connections with the business sector. We deeply value these relationships.

And HUGE thanks to God. Every year He inspires us with the theme and ensures the projected budget is achieved.

We bless you that you may tangibly experience the relentless, earnest, extravagant love of your Heavenly Father before, during, and long after the the Extravagant Christmas evening.
— An EC Prayer of Blessing