AM – Daniel 9 & 10: Concluding The 70 Weeks Prophecy & Keep Praying Until The Answer Comes

Today Ps Rob concludes Daniel Chapter 9 with a few final comments on Daniel’s 70 Week prophecy. He also works through the whole of Chapter 10. Among several extremely important insights, he exhorts us to not stop praying until we see an answer to our prayers.

NOTE: PM Worship Service - no recording.

AM – Daniel 9: Making War With Prophecy

In this sermon, Ps. Rob highlights Daniel’s awareness of the partnership between prophecy and prayer.

Daniel knew that he needed to pray and intercede for the freedom of Israel as their 70 year’s of captivity came to an end rather than just assume that it would happen. In the same way, God expects us to intercede for personal prophecies that He gives us until those prophecies come to pass.

Ps. Rob also spends some time discussing Daniel’s “Seventy-Weeks Prophecy” and how those ‘weeks’ have come to pass in history.

PM - Pentecostal Family DNA

Pastor Rob preached this sermon at tonight’s Wellington Region, Assemblies of God combined service, held at Hutt City Church. Here are a couple of notes from this rousing sermon:

“Awake: stir, arouse, awaken ourselves. We have a vibrant Holy Spirit inside who stirs us up.”

“We change into different people when the Spirit of God comes upon us. The Holy Spirit is part of our Pentecostal DNA.”

May the Lord fill you with His Spirit as you listen!